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About The A-Team

Ready to rock the stage? Join the A-Team! This My Life Fitness branch was developed to give you all the tools you need to get you ready for show day. The A-Team will provide you with your diet plan, physical fitness program, a posing and stage presence package, and for the ladies’ hair, suit, and makeup consultations will also be provided. The A-Team will give you the competitive edge you need. Let’s face it, there is no Plan B! To get more details check out our competitor packages below.

Looking for a show?

A schedule of upcoming competitions can be found on the NPC News Online or the OCB Natural Bodybuilding website.

A-Team Programs

The A-Team packages include competition prep from 6-16 weeks, posing practice, and off season diets

Competitor Preparation Packages

10-12 weeks, 14-16 weeks
Competitor Preparation Package includes: Nutritional diet program and supplementation advice, physical fitness program tailored around the client’s needs, and stage presence and posing assistance via skype, facetime, or in-person consultation. Coaches check in with clients on a weekly basis. Client weights and biweekly progress pictures are tracked via google drive application on client’s smart phone or computer.

Posing Practice

30 Minutes & 1 hour
Stage presence and posing done via skype, face time, and/or in-person consultation.

Off Season Diet

10 Weeks
Customized nutritional programs based on the individual’s needs: weight loss, muscle building, or maintenance. Diet program also consists of recommended physical fitness programs and supplementation advice. Coaches check in with clients on a weekly basis. Client weights and biweekly progress pictures are tracked via google drive application on client’s smart phone or computer.


As a first time Figure Competitor I approached Maria Cabading because of her reputation for being an experienced and easy to work with coach. Not only was she patient with me, but very knowledgeable as well. She coached me from the very beginning to the time I stepped off the stage at my first Figure Competition. I was very satisfied with my results, and I highly recommend her for contest prep. She is someone that you can rely on and trust!


Finding an individual to inspire you to accomplish your dreams is a challenge all in it self. Luckily for my self, I had the opportunity to meet and work with Jared. His skill set in training and nutrition led me through a 16 week life changing transformation earning a national qualification at my first body building competition. And even after the 16 week show prep was over he continued to motivate and inspire not just my self but others as well. He is a true genuine guy who believes in what he preaches and is always striving to learn more about this industry to remain the best coach around. He always puts his clients before him self and isn’t scared to tell you exactly what you need to hear. He is more then just a coach or even a friend, he is the man, the myth, the legend, he is Jared Moore.


I’ve always admired the bikini girls & never would have thought I would actually become one! Maria changed that.. in 16 weeks, I went from eating & drinking junk, being shy & insecure to eating clean, lifting, & becoming one confident & proud woman. Thanks to Maria’s guidance & knowledge (& endless patience!!!), she turned my flab to fab & I placed within the top 5 of my bikini class. I would have never have accomplished that without Maria! I was in my BEST physique EVER! Even after having two kids & extreme weight gains/losses in my life, I never looked or felt better than my stage day. I had ABS! & My self confidence soared for the first time ever. I never felt like I was alone in my fitness journey. Maria made sure I knew that she was always a text/call/check in away if I ever needed her. She listened to what I had to say & what I liked/disliked & came up with a program that suited me & my lifestyle but was still healthy & suited towards my goals. I am currently in my second bikini competition prep & I have full confidence that as a team, Maria & I can conquer the stage once more. #TeamMomSquad !!! Maria not only helps push you to your limits, she has a vision for you & she believes in you, to not only transform you but to change your life.


I have been working with Maria for about 2 years now. I was recommended to her from a friend and I decided to check out her Instagram account and Facebook page for pictures of clients she had trained for bodybuilding shows. I was beyond impressed and excited to begin working with her in 2015. Here we are in 2017 prepping for a National level NPC show where I’ll be competing amongst the best of the best. I had some set backs and some issues with the way my body responded to diet and she was able to dial that in and figure out healthy ways around those issues. My experiences with Maria have been nothing short of amazing. She puts so much time and effort into her clients diet and workout plan. She is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to nutrition and the way to properly diet down to a competition ready physique WHILE KEEPING YOU HEALTHY. She does not rush the process or push any unhealthy alternatives your way. Maria uses the tough love approach, with me at least, and I couldn’t thank her enough. Of course she is there to answer any questions, work through any issues or emotions you’re going through but she never lets you give up or give less than a hundred percent. Its hard to let her down so you just end up sticking to the plan! I have and will continue to recommend her to anyone who is looking to lose weight or to prepare for a bodybuilding/bikini contest!

Action For Healthy Kids

A portion of all apparel sales will be donated to Action for Healthy Kids (AFHK), a national non profit that supports school-based healthy eating and physical activity programs that help kids be healthy, active and ready to learn.

AFHK programs have benefited more than 12.9 million children in 30,000 schools across the country.

To learn more or to donate personally please visit AFHKs website at www.actionforhealthykids.org.